Saturday, April 25, 2009

Mary Kay Welcome Dinner in South Africa

We had a beautiful Welcome Dinner with the National Sales Directors and their spouses from Mary Kay Ltd. Europe. The setting was spectacular! The people were wonderful! The food was A-MA-ZING! Are you hungry yet?

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Friday, April 24, 2009

My Trip to Robben Island

Woke up this morning; of course I have to get ready for the time change! I just could not get to sleep until 5:39 a.m.! Could NOT sleep! Maybe it was working out on the treadmill for an hour from 2:45 - 3:45 am. Or maybe it was because the concierge asked me if I wanted a cup of cappuccino when I got to my room and I could not resist. But I was wide awake!

But anyway, I woke up to an absolutely beautiful day here in South Africa. The weather really does change here very rapidly within a 24 hour period. It is really phenomenal to experience all different types of weather in the same day. I had a beautiful breakfast here in the Mount Nelson Hotel in Capetown and then left to go to Robben Island where Nelson Mandela was imprisoned for 27 years; but 18 of those years were in hard labor. You guys, you haven't experienced a prison tour until you have had a tour by ex-prisoners. Former political prisoners show you around Robben Island.

First you take a catamaran over to the island then you get on a bus to tour the island, and then to Robben Island. Robben Island has a very long history; it was first a leprosy camp. Nelson Mandela experienced 18 years of eating the exact same food every day while he worked in the lime quarry. The political prisoners were overseen by the common prisoners; the worst thing to be was a political prisoner. If a political prisoner even acted like he was getting tired, he was tortured. Not beaten or punished, tortured by the common prisoners. It is amazing to see and understand all that has gone on and realize that Nelson Mandela was only freed in 1990. I hope that you take some time to read about Robben Island and Nelson Mandela; it is such a life-changing experience just to even know what he went through because he stood by his principles.

Also, tonight, we had a had a phenomenal welcome Country Dinner where I sat at a table with four different National Sales Directors from four different countries. It was amazing.

A slideshow of my trip will be posted here very soon; and will be continually updated. Stay tuned!

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Thursday, April 23, 2009

My First Full Day in Capetown--Beautiful! Awesome!

Whew! Woke up this morning! Had to get up at 8:30 am after 3 hours sleep to get ready for my car pick-up at 11:00am.

Woke up to a beautiful day in my hotel room at the Twelve Apostles Hotel. Walked out to my exquisite double porch area-fabulous. Got dressed; I absolutely love the smell of the room! Went to a fabulous breakfast that was a full, beautiful amazing spread brunch that was right there in the room! They had everything you want: salmon, eggs, oysters on the half shell, meats and cheeses of every kind, lemon.

At 11:00,myself and Tara, who is president of Mary Kay Europe, came over to the Hotel Mount Nelson, which says it is "Under the Table, but on Top of the World" because Capetown is on this beautiful mountain called Table Mountain.

They brought me to my gorgeous suite with a mini-kitchen and living room, then you step up into a smaller living room, and a full master suite, double sink, full bathroom, full butler's pantry, full everything! Just absolutely gorgeous. The hotel sits on nine acres of land. Absolutely beautiful! I'm going to get some rest to get up at 7 pm to get ready for the "Welcome Banquet" for everyone here.

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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Gloria's Son is Top Student at MSU Law School!

Wow! What exciting news! I am SO the proud mother...even while I am WAY over here in South Africa! I just talked to my son Chauncey with Skype! He is just finishing his first year at the Michigan State University College of Law!

My BRILLIANT son just received a $600.00 award for his awesome 2nd Place ranking out of 300 students for a law school class brief!

Did I mention what a PROUD MOTHER I am?!?!? Did I say I was excited!?!?!?

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I Just Landed in Johannesburg!

I just arrived here in Johannesburg, South Africa! I am staying tonight at the Twelve Apostles Hotel; tomorrow I will move the to Hotel Mandela! What a beautiful is breathtaking! The country is buzzing with excitement because one of the biggest sporting events in the world, the 2010 World Cup of Soccer (Football) is coming here. The World Cup happens only once every four years, and this will be the first time it will be held on the continent of Africa. People will be coming here from all over the world.

It is a National Holiday today here in South Africa--Election Day! Nevertheless, the travel agent for Mary Kay LTD. got dressed, drove here to the airport, parked his car, etc., just to meet and walk with me to my transfer flight to Capetown! Wow--Mary Kay--what a Company! I am so proud to represent them from the United States of America here in South Africa!

This is EXACTLY how I felt when I got to the hotel room...

So I walk into this amazing hotel called the The Twelve Apostles, and Lisa from Mary Kay Travel greets me at the front desk. The most amazing staff, soooo professional, walks me through the hotel and shows me where there’s breakfast in the morning, from 7-10:30am , where there is a cafĂ© open 24 hours because when you travel to a city with hotels that have a lot of guests from all over the world they are usually open 24 hours because people are up – like I am – wide awake, 2 o’clock in the afternoon est and it is 8pm here. It is very dark.

But I walk into the hotel room – it smells absolutely fabulous. And I walk into the room that is white and beige – two TV’s going on at the same time – of course set to soft beautiful music – same channel, room has mirrors everywhere, marble all over the bathroom, internet all over the hotel – anywhere, this is exciting.

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Friday, April 17, 2009

Gloria's Trip to Zambia and South Africa: Getting Ready!

Gloria's been very busy the last few days getting ready for her 11-day trip to Zambia and South Africa! So many details to take care of, including carefully packing fifteen different outfits!

Getting everything done in time to make it to the airport is a true team effort; and Gloria is so grateful to have the assistance of her fantastic housekeeper, Darlene Murphy, and her dynamic Executive Assistant, Angelica Brown Knight.

Darlene, Gloria, and Angela

Gloria has been an entrepreneur for over twenty-one years; and the time she worked hard to develop the leadership skills necessary to grow and maintain her successful businesses has led to the wonderful lifestyle she now enjoys.

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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Gloria Teaches for Lifestyle Company

Last Tuesday, I was asked to teach on the topic of “Building a Successful Business on the Foundation of Confidence.”

Soul Purpose is a new company founded by Nadine Thompson, a powerful friend of mine. Nadine is making a difference for so many and I was honored to train the entire organization by conference call.

Confidence is one of the most important skills a leader can possess. Whether you are leading yourself or leading others, it is a skill that is once learned, makes you very aware of its importance.

Below is a sampling of comments from participants in the Conference Call on Confidence...

You are like a breath of fresh air!!!! I have been praying for something fresh for my life. The words you speak are divinely inspired and confirming. Thank you for pouring yourself out to us. As I listened, it was like your lips were directly to my ear speaking life into my soul and spirit, imparting hope, vision, wisdom, courage, and strength....the timing of it just don't know. I thank God for sending you our way. I met you in Orlando at the Ritz Carlton at the Soul Purpose reception, and didn't even realize the greatness I was exposed to. May God continue to use you to speak life and hope to his people. God bless you and your family.
Gloria. On behalf of Nadine and the entire community...thanks for sharing your CONFIDENCE with the Soul Purpose Community. As the Executive Vice President, I am a firm believer that as a leader I have to be selective in the "voices" you put in front of your group. I know that you are always on point and a role-model for how an empowered person should comport themselves.
Gloria: As a Diamond Executive building my own Soul Purpose organization, WOW! I re-read my notes after the call and let the marinade in my thoughts as I slept. This morning, I woke with a new level of energy. Thank you!
Gloria Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for that awesome lesson on building confidence. Fantastic!
Good Morning Gloria,
Wow!! Thank you for the powerful and inspiring presentation on last evening. We met in Orlando at the Soulpurpose Reception with Lady Nadine. We are blessed because you are friends.
I slept with my notes from last night...went to sleep with #2 and woke up with #5.
I heard a sermon on last week, 2007 the year of completion, 2008 the year of new beginnings and 2009 the year of order (bringing things to order).
It's time to change the order of some things in my life. Thank you for that confirmation. It's non-negotiable!!
God's Blessings to you and your family in your travels to the Mother Land, my favorite place.
Thank you VERY much for such a WONDERFUL training last night. Even though we've never met, I've been following you for years and watching you soar!!!! I will definitely put what you trained on last night to very good use!!! Promise!!!
Continued success and have a safe and enjoyable trip to So. Africa.
Hi Gloria!
Thanks for doing the call tonight. You were awesome as usual. You are my (s)hero! Thanks for paving the way for so many of us! I am working and living on Purpose with Confidence!
Hey...enjoy your trip to So. Africa. I know you will be GREAT!


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Friday, April 3, 2009

Gloria Chosen to Train Top European Mary Kay National Sales Directors in Southern Africa!

Mary Kay Elite Executive National Sales Director Gloria Mayfield Banks

Gloria, an Inner Circle Elite Executive National Sales Director with Mary Kay Cosmetics, will be traveling to Zambia and South Africa for ten days at the end of April to conduct training sessions with the Mary Kay National Sales Directors from all over Europe.

Called the "NSD Summit", this annual event is held in various international locales to award the top sales performers in Mary Kay with luxury all-expense paid vacations for themselves and their spouses. This year, the National Sales Directors of Mary Kay Europe Ltd. expressly chose Gloria to be their keynote trainer from Mary Kay Inc. in the United States.

Ken and Gloria Banks

Gloria, shown here with her husband Ken Banks, owner of the award-winning Banks Contracting and Development Group in Baltimore Maryland, will leave for Africa on April 19 and will return on May 1 2009; enjoying ten days in Livingstone, Zambia, and Capetown and Sun City South Africa.

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