Monday, May 18, 2009

Ready, Set, Go for Your Goals!

You just left an exciting motivational event -- now what??

What is the best thing to do when you leave a function full of energy and passion?

Be smart!

Make the momentum that comes from that motivational environment work for you.

First, make a short term, doable goal that stretches you. This will give you confidence and get you started you doing more and thinking bigger than you did before.

When we leave these events it feels so good.

"No's" bounce off your ears and "Yeses" are attracted to you.

Take the enthusiasm and give it to others as a gift. People love enthusiasm!

When you make the goal make sure it is something you can control.

Work the numbers: you can not control peoples' answers, but you can control your asking of the questions.

Remember, many things can seem hard until you do them over and over - then the same things become easy.

What are you going to make happen RIGHT NOW?

Your success is hidden in your DAILY WORK.

Understand and truly work the 52631 ZIP Code Action Plan every day, week and month.

> 5 new leads a day
> 2 new bookings a day to be placed on your books
> Sell $600 every week
> 3 face to face interviews a week
> 1 Weekly Accomplish Sheet (WAS) every week

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  1. Thank you Gloria. The SEE was AWESOME!! Before I read your advice above I did exactly what you are saying DO. I called 2 guests whom I had invited and shared my enthusiasm with them and reinvited them to another event.
    I have been truly blessed by this opportunity and that was never more evident than this evening after hearing you speak. It felt like you were in the theater with us. Coaching us, encouraging us and pouring belief into us that we can do this. So thank you for sharing and being the phenomenal woman that you are.
    Sonya Rogers-Blyden
    Star Recruiter
    Houston, TX

  2. Thank you so much for your enthusiasm and advice. I am a new consultant in my second quarter. I received your CD from my sales director. I am so inspired I want to be in Red Jacket Jail! You lift me up and give me the tools to go and truely work my business. Thank you so much.


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