Wednesday, March 25, 2009

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Hello to everyone visiting my new blog! Those of you who know me know that I LOVE everything tech-y! You know I also love connecting with people like you! So this is my latest way to let you know what I'm about, what I'm doing, and also to find out about you!

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Posted by Gloria


  1. Hi Gloria!

    Thanks for doing the call tonight. You were awesome as usual. You are my (s)hero! Thanks for paving the way for so many of us! I am working and living on Purpose with Confidence!

    Hey...enjoy your trip to So. Africa. I know you will be GREAT!

    Toni Coleman Brown
    Double Diamond Executive
    Soul Purpose Lifesytle Co.

  2. Ms. Gloria
    I want to thank you so much for the AWESOME presentation for Soul Purpose Lifestyle Company. Your energy and your great advice ignited a new fire to take my Soul Purpose business and my Soul Purpose business partners to a higher level. Tonight call confirms of the great things to come to the Soul purpose company! Again Ms. Gloria, you are an inspiration and a motivator and i hope i will hear you again in the future. God bless you on your trip to Africa.

    Soul Purpose Spirituality Coach
    April Robinson

  3. Gloria Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for that awesome lesson on building confidence. Fantastic!

    Elainea Robbins
    Soul Purpose Entrepreneur

  4. thank you, on last nite. can i get a recap on what was said, i was driving, not able to take notes, has change my life already, you talked about what people think about you the first 7 seconds you are in front of them, building confidence, setting goals, goal poster. Can i get a CD or anything,

  5. Good Morning Gloria,

    Wow!! Thank you for the powerful and inspiring presentation on last evening. We met in Orlando at the Soulpurpose Reception with Lady Nadine. We are blessed because you are friends.

    I slept with my notes from last night...went to sleep with #2 and woke up with #5.

    I heard a sermon on last week, 2007 the year of completion, 2008 the year of new beginnings and 2009 the year of order (bringing things to order).

    It's time to change the order of some things in my life. Thank you for that confirmation. It's non-negotiable!!

    God's Blessings to you and your family in your travels to the Mother Land, my favorite place.

    Anita L. Barnes
    Diamond Executive
    Soulpurpose Lifestyle Company

  6. Hi Gloria, Like the anonymous post said I to would like a re-cap of the presentation you did for Soul purpose. I am a consultant with Marykay, not in your area but have been a fan of yours since I started, one of those Gloria want-a-be people :-) Have a great trip and be safe God Bless

  7. Thank you VERY much for such a WONDERFUL training last night. Even though we've never met, I've been following you for years and watching you soar!!!! I will definitely put what you trained on last night to very good use!!! Promise!!!

    Continued success and have a safe and enjoyable trip to So. Africa.

    Veronica Deas
    Managing Associate
    Soul Purpose Lifestyle Company

  8. Hi, Gloria. On behalf of Nadine and the entire community...thanks for sharing your CONFIDENCE with the Soul Purpose Community. As the Executive Vice President, I am a firm believer that as a leader I have to be selective in the "voices" you put in front of your group. I know that you are always on point and a role-model for how an empowered person should comport themselves.

    And as a Diamond Executive building my own Soul Purpose organization, WOW! I re-read my notes after the call and let the marinade in my thoughts as I slept. This morning, I woke with a new level of energy. Thank you!

    For the Soul Purpose Entrepreneurs who missed the call or didn't get to take notes, you can listen to the replay line 712-432-8984, code 47685#, filename 0414092#.

    Be empowered!
    Cheryl A. Cormier
    Executive Vice President, Soul Purpose
    Diamond Executive

  9. Adrienne Burnside GordonApril 17, 2009 at 8:47 AM


    You are like a breath of fresh air!!!! I have been praying for something fresh for my life. The words you speak are divinely inspired and confirming. Thank you for pouring yourself out to us. As I listened, it was like your lips were directly to my ear speaking life into my soul and spirit, imparting hope, vision, wisdom, courage, and strength....the timing of it just don't know. I thank God for sending you our way. I met you in Orlando at the Ritz Carlton at the Soul Purpose reception, and didn't even realize the greatness I was exposed to. May God continue to use you to speak life and hope to his people. God bless you and your family.

    Adrienne Burnside Gordon
    Lifestyle Ambassador/Entreprenuer
    Soul Purpose Lifestyle Company
    Tel.: 407-523-5920


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